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Refresco acquires SDI

Refresco acquires SDI 

Dordrecht, 17 August 2010. Refresco Holding B.V. announces its intention to acquire Soft Drinks International (SDI), a German producer of soft drinks and water. Refresco is European market leader in the production of private label soft drinks and fruit juices and leading in co-manufacturing for international A-brands. SDI is a strong, regional producer, primarily active in the German market and the Benelux, with production facilities in Erftstadt (Germany) and Heerlen (The Netherlands). Products of SDI are also exported to other European countries. SDI focuses solely on the private label segment. In 2009, turnover totalled EUR 140 million, against a production of approximately 1 billion units.

The transaction is expected to be completed within several months. Details regarding the acquisition price will not be publicized.

The acquisition is fully in line with Refresco’s Buy & Build strategy, which is focused on further strengthening and expanding the company’s leading position in the area of non-alcoholic beverages in Europe. The takeover signifies an important step for Refresco in the growing German market for carbonated soft drinks (CSDs). It allows Refresco to further expand its product range – which in Germany currently consists primarily of fruit juices – with CSDs and transforms Refresco Germany into a full service provider of non-alcoholic beverages.

n addition, the acquisition allows Refresco to integrate the activities of SDI in its existing organization and consequently further optimize its production processes and improve its competitive position to become one of the top three biggest manufacturers of soft drinks and fruit juices in Germany. Furthermore it will reinforce Refresco's position on the growing private label market.

Refresco CEO Hans Roelofs: 

“We are happy to be able to announce this acquisition, shortly after the capital injection by 3i. SDI complements our existing activities well and enables us to further expand our position in the European market in general and the German market in particular. The acquisition allows us to further strengthen and expand our product range for existing clients. The integration of the production processes will allow us to further optimize the Refresco organization. In the past, we have shown that by using this approach, we can create added value both for the business and for our clients.”

Jürgen May, CEO of Soft Drink International (SDI), also views the takeover as a positive step and commented:

“The beverage market in Germany is going through a challenging phase of consolidation. Businesses must attain a critical mass if they want to succeed in meeting these challenges. SDI has made the right move in joining the Refresco Group, making it one of the major players in Europe and in Germany, and this move has had my full backing from the start. We are delighted that we can bring in our full range of skills and expertise in CSDs and make our own contribution to the success of the company.” 

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