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Stodir sells part of its Nordicom shares

Stodir has sold a 3.3% stake in the Danish property company Nordicom. After the transaction, Stodir holds a 11.4% share in Nordicom.

Before Nordicom´s capital increase in September 2010, Stodir held a 8.3% share in Nordicom. Stodir participated in the capital increase to support the company and avoid dilution. Stodir subscribed for 1,500,000 new shares at a price of DKK 10 pr. share and held a 14.64% stake in Nordicom after the capital increase. At the same time, Stodir entered into a majority shareholder agreement with two other major shareholders. The agreement has been now terminated and Stodir has sold 3.3% (392,500 shares) and subsequently holds 1,368,595 shares in Nordicom, corresponding to 11.38% of the total share capital.

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